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Each mobile casino app features a wide range of table games and also provides a live casino for their customers. In 2016, for the first time, more sports bets were be placed on mobile devices than desktops. Sports bettors can be attracted to a mobile casino app by the range of casino games available to play and welcome offers for those using a mobile casino app for the first time. Mobile technology is always improving which makes playing casino games on a mobile device a more rewarding experience. Casino players are now more aware of how to play mobile casino on their phones.
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How To Play Mobile Casino On Your Phone

Casino betting using a mobile casino app allows you to bet anywhere at anytime. The mobile versions of a casino usually replicate the desktop experience but in a different format. Casino games are suited to mobile betting because they are quick and repetitive. There is a generation now that run their lives on a mobile phone. People now spend money in a different way to 20 years ago due to the prevelance of smartphones. The younger generation are more comfortable with how to play mobile casino on your phone.

Betting in general and casino betting via a mobile casino app is part of that shift to the new way of making purchases and finding information. Betting companies who have a mobile casino app use expertise to make finding them through search much easier and effective. The mobile casinos business is dominated by established betting brands and companies who have come into the gaming industry recently and specialise in casino games.

According to research owners or subscribers to smartphones are more likely to play casino games than those with landline phones. Mobile casino apps can be used in land based casinos but not elsewhere in the United States. This equates to legal gambling online in a country where it is generally now allowed. Google does not allow any gambling apps to appear on Google Play.

Market projections suggest there will be a massive growth in mobile casinos betting in the United States and Europe and other parts of the world. There are now mobile casinos being developed in major emerging markets. Gambling legislation is being relaxed in Europe and laws in the United States are becoming more liberal. These three developments mean mobile casino betting will grow. Casino bettors will become more comfortable with how to play mobile casino on your phone.

Here is a report about mobile casino betting in the United States.

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*Opt in required. Available 1x per customer. First deposit only. Minimum £10 deposit. Maximum £300 bonus. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. New customers to casino page only. Player, currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.


Mobile Casino App Welcome Offers

All the major companies that have a mobile casino app offer incentives to customers to open an account and place bets. Customer acquisition is a key objective so new account holders can enjoy concession and incentives. Three mobile sign-up offers are described in the following paragraphs.

LeoVegas Casino Welcome Bonus

As a new customers on the mobile casino app can take advantage of a Welcome Offer that involves four stages. Players making a first deposit will be credited with up to £200 in betting funds and 25 free spins. The second deposit brings up to £500 in funds and 25 free spins. The same bonuses will apply to the third deposit and finally on making a fourth deposit new players will be given £400 in free bets and 25 free spins.

The LeoVegas casino mobile casino app Welcome Offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

18+ New customers only. Tiered bonus on first four deposits. Min. £10 deposit. 35x wagering before bonuses and free spins winnings are withdrawable. Max. bonus bet £5. Free spins on pre-selected games and subject to change. Free spins must be used within 3 days. Further T&Cs apply.

Stakes from all casino games count towards the qualifying turnover but betting on roulette and blackjack will have a lower rating than other less popular table games.

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William Hill Casino Welcome Bonus

As a new William Hill casino customer on mobile devices you are eligible for a bonus of 100% up to £300 or £500 high roller bonus.

This offer is subject to the following significant terms and conditions:

Opt in required. Available 1x per customer. First deposit only. Minimum £10 deposit. Maximum £300 bonus. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. New customers to casino page only. Player, currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.

If you make an attempt to withdraw bonus funds before the deposit and bonus have been staked the required number of times all bonuses and winnings related to the first deposit will be lost. Most games contribute 100% to the wagering requirement but others contribute between 5 and 50%. Minimal risk bets also do not count.

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Ladbrokes Casino Welcome Bonus

Ladbrokes offers a mobile welcome offer of a matched bonus of 100% and up to £500. You must register a Ladbrokes casino account in order to receive this 100% matched bonus. The Welcome Offer associated with the Ladbrokes mobile casino app is subject to the following terms and conditions:

New customers only. Min deposit £20. Only one deposit bonus on first deposit. Max bet limitations per spin apply (lower of 30% of bonus or €/£50). Wagering requirements are 30x the deposit + bonus amount & 20x amount won with free spins. Free spins on selected games. 18+. T&C’s Apply

In the case of abuse Ladbrokes reserves the right to cancel the bonus at their discretion. Deposits made using Neteller or Moneybookers will not qualify for this welcome offer. Customers can only claim this offer once.

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Mobile Casino versus Desktop Casino

Traditional betting involved visiting a betting office or racetrack and placing bets on the telephone using a debit and credit account. The betting landscape changed with the growth of the internet which meant bets could be placed from a desktop computer. Mobile betting took internet gambling to the next stage and now more sports bets are placed on mobile devices than computers. Bookmakers also began to use free bets and bonuses to encourage potential customers to open accounts.

Here are the advantages of mobile casinos betting in general including on a mobile casino app:

  • You can use the same login for the desktop and mobile version of a bookmaking site and these leads to easier financial management
  • You do not pay fees for betting on a mobile device
  • You have access to casino games 24 hours a day
  • Coverage of sports and table games is extensive
  • Applications are designed to work with all devices including colour phone, Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Mobile applications have high levels of security to prevent hacking
  • Time or location do not limit casino betting
  • You can be on the move and still have access to many casinos
  • Mobile casino gambling saves time
  • Easier to become familiar with how to play mobile casino on your phone

Generally the main strength of mobile casinos is convenience and the potential to play table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat on the move. However, there are some disadvantages compared to betting in an online casino on a desktop which are described below.

With convenience comes the temptation to play more games than is desirable and lose money beyond a budget. Gambling companies would not like to admit it but betting can be addictive for those with a certain temperament. Online casinos state that they promote responsible gambling but some may just pay lip service to protecting their customers from problem gambling. Other less serious disadvantages relate to the size of the screen on a mobile phone. This can create discomfort and the screen might make absorbing all the relevant information about casino betting difficult. The control keys on a mobile device are smaller and more cumbersome which makes mistakes more likely.

Some mobile casinos app players may prefer not to bet in public and for them betting in private at home on a desktop computer is a better option. It is also easier to concentrate and focus on placing bets in a home environment. Gambling and licensed drinking premises do not mix well so playing from home means alcohol consumption is less of a potential factor. Games can be displayed in more detail on a computer screen and instructions will be naturally bigger and more easily readable. Overall a less disciplined and controlled approach to casino betting is required when using a desktop computer and for some gamblers this could be a good thing.

Casino Games

One of the most popular mobile casinos table games is roulette and mobile casinos such as Ladbrokes casino, LeoVegas casino and William Hill casino offer the game in the following formats:

European Premium Roulette

European roulette has 36 numbers and one zero. Customers can bet on a single number, a group of numbers, odd or even, red or black, 1 to 18 and 18 to 36, groups of 12 numbers and columns. A separate panel provides groupings of numbers called Tier (third of the wheel from 33 to 27), Orphelins (orphans not associated with the other two exotic groups of numbers) and Voisins du Zero (neighbours of zero). In French roulette players bet with the same coloured chips so these exotic bets were designed to leave more space on the main table. The same numbers are included but away from the main table and with more varied bet types.

French Premium Roulette

This game is virtually the same as European premium roulette but named after the country in which roulette was invented. The French version of the game features the main table and the French bets table for tier, orphelins and voisins du zero bets. As this is a premium product stakes are at the upper end designed to attract the higher staking players more than some of the recreational versions.

Multi Wheel Roulette

This variation has 36 numbers and one zero so the version is European or French roulette. Players can activate between one and six wheels and place bets on one table. The Ladbrokes table minimum is £0.50 and the most that can be bet in one spin is £400. This maximum applies regardless of the number of wheels that are activated. Bets can be from £0.20 to £200 and these limits are by wheel.

The total bet on the table is calculated using the number of active wheels for any spin. The exotic bets of Tier, Orphelins and Voisins Du Zero can be displayed at the discretion of the player. Both tables can be used to play with a maximum of six concurrent wheels. Stakes and table limits are kept relatively low to avoid the dangers of playing beyond means concurrently on six wheels.

American Roulette

American roulette has one major variation and that is the inclusion of two zeros on the wheel which increase the bank’s edge. One zero is in the same position on the wheel as in European and French roulette with the second zero positioned directly opposite. American roulette only includes one table so no exotic bets can be played. In this version of the game each player has a different chip colour so identifying and paying out winners is quicker and easier.

Table Limits at the Ladbrokes casino range form £0.50 to £400 and bets range from £0.20 to £20. Players can bet on individual numbers, groupings and the standard two-way bets for which stakes are returned when the ball lands on zero. The major disadvantage of American roulette is the house edge which is almost double that applies to French and European roulette. The double zero gives the bank a greater edge as the mathematics and probabilities are more in favour of the house.

American Roulette

French Roulette

The main unique feature of French roulette is the rule regarding even bets when the ball lands in the zero slot. Players get back half their stake which means less money for the casino and marginally better odds for the players. Ladbrokes offer this rule but some others do not so players should check the specific rules on each site. The odds are better playing European or French roulette than American odds due to this variation regarding bets on red/black, odd/even and 1 to 18/19 to 36. The single zero rather than double zero creates better percentages for the player compared to the US version.

American Premium Roulette

This version has two zeros and high betting limits. Ladbrokes customers playing American premium roulette can place bets of £800 on even money options but there is a minimum bet of £400. Players can bet from £50 to £100 on single numbers. There is no table for exotic bets in this format of the game. Premium roulette games are for high staking players but the odds are standard and the house has the standard edge.

European Roulette

This is the basic one zero roulette game. The game has a simple wheel but lacking the more exotic bets. The chip values go from 1 pence to £10 and table limits suit the more risk averse players. In European roulette the most that can be placed on a single number is £20. Ladbrokes offers one of the best online versions of this game, offering advanced creativity through Playtech designs and software. The mobile casino version is also one of the most popular amongst casino players.


Blackjack is another popular casino game that transfers well to mobile casinos. The game is also known as 21 and it is the most widely played casino card game in the world. The game is played between the dealer and individual players and the objective is to get 21 points, reach a score higher than the dealer but not above 21 and beat the dealer when he draws cards which take his total over 21. The mobile version replicates the physical game in that the players are initially dealt two cards and the game progresses from that starting point.

Here are the fundamentals of Blackjack that apply in a mobile casino:
Blackjack is popular around the world. It is a banking game in which the aim of the player is to achieve a hand whose points total is nearer to 21 than the banker’s hand, but without exceeding 21.In blackjack, players compete with the dealer. Scores are worked out by adding the values of each individual card. The cards 2 to 10 have their face value, while Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each, and the Ace is worth either 1 or 11 points at the discretion of the player.

Blackjack involves the following four scenarios after bets have been placed:
Lose – the player’s bet is taken by the dealer.
Win – the player wins as much as he bet.
Blackjack – the player wins 1.5 times the bet. .
Push – the hand is a draw. The player keeps his bet, neither winning nor losing money.

In addition to the basic betting side rules allow for advanced staking. These side rules can only be used immediately after the deal, before more cards are dealt.

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Baccarat is another card game that is popular in bricks and mortar casinos and in online casinos. There are three distinct formats: punto banco, chemin de fer and baccarat banquet. The former is a game of chance but in the other two variations players make decisions so there is some skill involved. Baccarat is a comparing game and the three possible outcomes are player wins, banker wins or tie. Baccarat has a relatively small edge for the bank of about 1% which makes the game attractive to players in real life casinos, online and at a mobile casino.

Here are the basic rules of Baccarat that apply in a mobile casino:
It is card game in which cards are dealt from a shoe that contains 6 or 8 packs. A banker and player hand is dealt and bets can be placed on both hands or the tie. Bets are paid out at even money but bank bets are subject to 5% commission which means the actual odds are 19/20. Odds for the tie are 8/1 or 9/1 depending on the casino. When hands are tied banker and player bets are returned. After the deal both hands will contain two or three cards for the different variations.

Hand values are calculated by adding up the value of each card. Tens and face cards are counted as zero, while all other cards count as the number on the card. Only the last digit of the total is used, so all baccarat hands have values in the range 0 to 9 inclusive. The hand with the higher value wins and if the hands have the same value, the result is a tie.

If the player’s first two cards total 6 or more, then the player must stand without drawing a card. If the player’s first two cards total 5 or less, the player must draw one additional card. If the banker’s first two cards total 7 or more, then the banker must stand without drawing a card. If the banker’s first two cards total 0, 1, or 2, then the banker must draw one card. If the banker’s first two cards total 3, 4, 5, or 6, then whether the banker draws is determined by the whether the player drew.


Poker is played from a standard pack of 52 cards. The cards are ranked as follows: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace.. The four suits are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs but there is no ranking and all four have equal value. Generally poker hands contain five cards and the highest hand wins.

Here are the basic rules of Poker that apply in a mobile casino:

Hands are ranked in the following order:

  1. Five of a Kind
  2. Straight Flush
  3. Four of a Kind
  4. Full House
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three of a Kind
  8. Two Pair
  9. Pair
  10. High Card

The betting starts with an ante which is paid to play and get cards dealt. After cards are dealt there are three types of bet:

When you call, you bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet.

When you raise, you first bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet then you ‘raise’ the bet another amount..

When you fold, you drop out of the current hand.

Betting continues until everyone calls or folds after a raise or initial bet.

There are many variants of the game of poker in three categories:
Draw Poker: Complete hands dealt, hidden and then improved by replacing cards.
Stud Poker: A combination of showing and hidden cards with multiple betting rounds.
Community Card Poker: Individual hidden cards and shared showing cards.

Within each variant there are rule differences but fundamentally poker is a gambling game in which hands are compared and the best hands wins the pot. There is a standard order of play which centre around hand values and players betting that they have the best hand though with bluffing an inferior hand can win a game.


Bingo is a game of chance in which numbers from 1 to 90 are drawn at random. The objective is to match the numbers called with numbers on a bingo card. Games can be won by matching each number or columns, diagonals or lines. When a player believes they have won a game of bingo they shout ‘House’ and the numbers on the card are checked against the drawn numbers.

Players can play multiple cards in bricks and mortar premises and online. It is not unusual to play 30 cards at any time. In the real life game this requires great concentration to mark off the numbers correctly but online this is done automatically which means the scope for multiple card playing is even greater.

Balls are used in physical bingo halls while online sites use a random number generator. Most online bingo sites are linked to online poker and casino products because target markets are similar. One notable feature of online bingo is the chat functionality. Bingo sites try to create a sense of community and interaction between players as this helps to maintain loyalty.

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LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas has won many gaming industry awards including Casino Operator of the Year 2016 at the International Gaming Awards and at the Gaming Intelligence Awards. The LeoVegas casino was also voted as the Mobile Operator of the year 2016 at EGR Nordic Awards and Best Innovation in Mobile and Tablet at EGR Innovation Awards. The name of the operator combines that of the Latin word for lion and the most famous gambling city in the world. LeoVegas is an online casino that provides gaming entertainment on desktops and mobiles and tablets.

In terms of playing casino games on mobile devices LeoVegas is the self-claimed ‘King of Mobile Casino’. The company is always striving to innovate and use the latest technology to provide the best gaming experience. Players can place bets conveniently on the move using hand-held devices on their mobile casino app. Leo Vegas offers a huge variety of classic table games and slots. The company has now expanded to include a sportsbook featuring over 30,000 events each year covering many sports including football, golf, basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing and tennis.

LeoVegas has its origins in Sweden and is now the biggest mobile casino in Europe. They company deal with leading games providers including: Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play’N Go, Quickspan, ELK, Betsoft, Cryptologic, Odobo, OGS and Yggdrasil. Customer information is protected and the English speaking support staff provide back-up and the resolution of gaming and account issues. LeoVegas is part of the LeoVegas Group which is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier and Avanza Bank AB is its Certified Advisor. LeoVegas takes responsible gambling seriously and has several measures in place to deal with any anti-social behaviour but controlling gambling limits can be difficult remotely.

LeoVegas Casino Homepage

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Leo Vegas Casino Mobile App

The boast about being the ‘King of Mobile Casino’ is an exaggeration but there is some truth in the claim. Their mobile casino app has deservedly won many awards over the years. The mobile casino app is fun and easy to use and offers a generous welcome bonus. The LeoVegas app has paid out the biggest mobile casino jackpot with a win of £4.4 million.

Third party apps must be downloaded and players using an Apple device an iOS operating system can download the app from the App Store or use a browser at

The LeoVegas mobile casino app has the following features:

  • More than 350 games including many that are well established and popular such as Starburst, Mega Fortune and Gonzo’s Quest
  • Live roulette and blackjack in HD quality
  • Up to date and current games
  • No deposit bonus
  • Multiple winner of mobile casino awards
  • Generous welcome offer of £1500 and 200 spins*
  • Free spins no deposit
  • Excellent user-interface
  • Auto-adjust option to fit all screen sizes
  • Massive jackpots
  • 24 hour support
  • English language version

The mobile casino app is easy to navigate while keeping some key features of the desktop version. Games selection and banking methods are accessible and easy to locate. The LeoVegas mobile casino app is compatible with the Apple iOS, Android OS and Windows operating systems. Compatible Android devices include: Nexus 5, HTC Desire, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Tab, Xperia Z, Motorola Zoom, Huwei Ascend series, LGL series, and the Nokia Lumia Series. Compatible Apple devices include: iPhone 3, 4, 5 6 and 7.

*18+ New customers only. Tiered bonus on first four deposits. Min. £10 deposit. 35x wagering before bonuses and free spins winnings are withdrawable. Max. bonus bet £5. Free spins on pre-selected games and subject to change. Free spins must be used within 3 days. Further T&Cs apply.

Mobile Offers LeoVegas casino mobile new customers are eligible for the welcome offer of £1500 and 200 free spins (See T&Cs above) which is related to the first four deposits. You can also take advantage of the no deposit casino promotions that were current when this review was undertaken as described below:

Get ready for a roaring RockFest!
You can celebrate the arrival of a video slot game on the theme of the Motorhead rock group. The game offers free spins, £100,000 in cash prizes, concert tickets and the chance to win a guitar signed by Lemmy, the lead singer.

Are you a Leo master?
Enter a competition to win a holiday and £10,000 in cash.
Slalom your way to £20,000 with skiing legend Jon Olssen!
Players at the Live Chambre Separee tables can enter a draw to win a trip to the Italian Alps and £20,000 in prize money.

£10,000 Christmas Giveaway in October?
During October LeoVegas customers can win £10,000 in gifts.
The American dream!
LeoVegas are hosting US themed celebrations during October with profit boosts on American sports.
Thursday Treats
Players at the Celebrity Blackjack Party table will be given 100 free spins every Thursday.
Step up, take a spin and win
In the live casino you can play for £50,000 in cash prizes, free bets and free spins.
Let us put a shirt on your back
Each week during the English Premier League season you will have the chance to win a replica shirt for a team playing in the league.
LeoVegas VIP Program

Selected customers can enjoy the following benefits of a VIP experience at the LeoVegas mobile casino:

  • Monthly prize draw
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Account managers for the member’s account
  • Personal banking services
  • Birthday awards
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • VIP prize draws every month
  • Free spins no deposit offers
  • No deposit bonuses

LeoVegas has fewer promotions than other mobile casinos but they do offer an attractive range of concessions and extras associated with a VIP package.

Casino Games

One of the major attractions of the LeoVegas mobile casino app is the range of more than 350 games from 14 gaming software providers including the leading firms in the industry. The mobile casino app brings together all the best games that are handpicked to provide the best casino experience. The range includes well established titles and relatively new themed games.

Games on the LeoVegas mobile casino are organised under the following headings: Top Games, Slots, Classic Slots, Jackpot, Roulette and Table Games. As mentioned above roulette has many versions related to the basic concept of customers placing bets on where a ball will land on a roulette wheel. The many variations at Leo Vegas include: Live Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Classic VIP Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, European Roulette, and High Limit Roulette.

Roulette is one of the limited number of games that can be played in a live casino. The objective is to create a glamorous experience which matches as much as possible playing roulette in a bricks and mortar casino. There are live dealers and croupiers and the wheel is real and games are played live. Due to the cost of setting up and running a studio the range of live casino games is limited to roulette and blackjack. Players are allowed to chat to the dealers and communicate with other players so that the experience is as realistic as possible.

At the time of writing the site featured 478 slot games which mirror the physical slot machines found in pubs and other premises in the UK. Each slot is displayed with its name and a relevant graphic and this includes 20 classic slots. Leo Vegas offers daily jackpots and once on offer when the review was done offered prices from £500,000 to over 8 million pounds. The LeoVegas casino features almost 50 table games under the headings of blackjack, baccarat, stud poker, Hold’Em and different variations of poker. All the most popular games are displayed under the title of Top Games.

LeoVegas Available Games

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Customer Service

As a LeoVegas customer you can contact support staff in a number of standard ways. The Live Chat facility allows customers to speak to an operator live in order to address concerns and answer specific queries. Support staff are available 24 hours a day each and every day and can be contacted by email, telephone and through an email form which they promise to answer promptly.

The LeoVegas site also includes an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section which is divided into the following areas:

  • My account
  • Bonuses
  • Casino
  • Games
  • Payment
  • Technical questions

Issues regarding frozen games during play and guidelines for playing casino games on a mobile are covered in the section about technical problems. There is a procedure to replace a lost password that involves an email with reset instructions and a link that might appear in the Junk folder. New customers follow a link to ‘Open account’ to register with the mobile casino for the first time and enter personal details.

On request you must provide proof of payment methods in line with the following rules:

Credit/Debit card – the card must clearly show the first 6 digits and the last 4 digits, the name of the cardholder and the expiry date
Bank Statement – must show account details, name and transactions with LeoVegas
Skrill/Neteller – a screenshot of the account landing page including name, account ID and email address

Documents can be sent using a smartphone or camera to the email support address. They can be sent as a JPEG document so they are easy to open and examine. These procedures can be followed 24/7 and support staff are on hand for advice. There can be a slight delay with E-Wallet payments but after 30 minutes at most the account balance should reflect the payment.

LeoVegas has an affiliates programme for partners who bring depositing customers to their desktop site and mobile app release. The company prides itself on being a market leader in mobile betting and supplies a large number of slots, casino and table games to their customers. The LeoVegas affiliate package gives website owners the opportunity to get involved with an operation that has grown rapidly since being launched in 2012. Partners will have access to several sources of revenue via desktop, app and mobile versions. LeoVegas offer revenue share, CPA and customised commission structures and flexibility with regards setting up deals with partners. Support staff can supply banners that suit the mobile experience and can be used to create successful campaigns.

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William Hill Casino

Always a favourite with UK punters and casino players, William Hill has grown to be one of the most recognised betting brands in the world. The business model is based on digital bookmaking and they have no cash betting offices in the UK. They are one of the biggest spenders on advertising and promotions in the British betting industry. As a market leader they have developed an excellent mobile casino app which compares favourably with that offered by the main competition.

The William Hill mobile and desktop sportsbook features about 30 sports on the Main Menu and many other minor sports. Other markets include financials, politics, entertainment and weather. William Hill offer a signup bonus of up to £30 in free bets for all new customers and a mobile casino bonus of up to £300*. Mobile customers can make deposits in 28 currencies and the site can be read 15 languages. Overall betting margins are about average and bets can be placed from £0.10 up to a maximum that varies for each sport and league. The maximum win from one bet is £1,000,000 but this is only for football and maximums vary for other sports.

*Opt in required. Available 1x per customer. First deposit only. Minimum £10 deposit. Maximum £300 bonus. 40x wagering. Bonus expires 7 days from issue. New customers to casino page only. Player, currency, country, game restrictions & terms apply.

William Hill are an authorised betting partner with the British Horse Racing Authority which allows them to sponsor races and associated events. They are also a member of IBAS which regulates independently on betting disputes and that includes any disagreements that are specific to the William Hill mobile casino app. They are advocates of responsible gambling and there is reference to keeping control of betting in their television adverts. However, at the time of writing the British Government are considering banning gambling adverts before 9pm which could have a huge effect on the betting industry in the UK for operators and customers who bet using mobiles.

William Hill Homepage


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William Hill Mobile Casino App

The William Hill mobile casino app can be seen in the form of a web app that operates on mobile browsers, such as Safari for iPhones or the regular browser for Android and Windows. The signup process is quick and easy with a bookmaker that is regulated by the British Gambling Commission.

William Hill offer variations on Playtech games such as mobile European roulette and Premium Series features. William Hill also offer an Android app which works on any device that followed Android 4.3. Some users prefer to just play the browser based games but there are other options based on personal preferences.

At William Hill you can play your favourite casino games from a smartphone or mobile device. The app is user friendly and easy to navigate, bring the excitement of a real life casino into the palm of player’s hand. You can play some Instant Play Games without downloading but on a compatible iPhone, iPad or Android device.

If you want to play at William Hill Mobile Casino using an iPhone or iPad the app is available on the App Store. There is also a Live Casino App that can be downloaded with no cost. Mobile customers have access to live dealer games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Hold’em. Customers are very well catered for in the William Hill mobile casino and the mobile site compares favourably with that of LeoVegas.

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Mobile Offers

In addition to the £300 mobile casino bonus William Hill offers several other casino related concessions which are accessed using mobile devices. You can benefit from mobile offers when they play from a phone or via a tablet browser. Players can enjoy a great variety of games instantly while on the move. In order to begin the process new customers are asked to point a phone or tablet to There are classics and branded games available for mobile users of the casino and live casino.

The William Hill mobile casino is quick and not difficult to use and brings the excitement of gambling in a casino to a mobile phone or tablet. The latest technology developments mean the William Hill mobile casino supports iOS devices on iOS 8 and iOS 9 as well as devices with Android 3,4 and 5. Players can also take part in mobile games instantly while on the move. In order to login customers must use the username and password which they entered when opening a William Hill account.

At the time of writing the following offers and promotions appeared on the William Hill desktop site but they also apply for mobile customers:

Age Of Egypt 10,000 Spins Giveaway

Right now you can access the Age Of Egypt 10,000 Spins Giveaway. As the site says, greatest is within you reach with the 10,000 spins promotion. To enter, all you need to do is wager £10 on the Age Of Egypt slots game and you’ll receive a ticket for the daily 10,000 spins giveaway. That’s right, you can enter each day and be in the running for your share in 10,000 free spins. Do this as many times as you like each day between November 8th to November 14th 2017, there is no limit to the number of tickets you can claim.

Of course, there are always terms and conditions to take into account. Here are the key terms when claiming your Age Of Egypt 10,000 free spins entry ticket:

  1. The promotion will run between the 8th November and 14th November 2017.
  2. You must opt in via a link to William Hill casino on this site.
  3. You will earn one entry ticket for every £10 that you wager on Age Of Egypt slots.
  4. Any winnings earned via your bonus spins will need to be wagered x40 on William Hill casino games before they may be withdrawn as cash.

The prize structure for each day’s draw is as follows:

  • 1st : 100 spins
  • 2nd – 10th : 50 spins
  • 11th – 50th : 20 spins
  • 51st – 100th : 10 spins
  • 101st – 1730th : 5 spins

So as you can see, there’s a great chance for you to share in the prizes with a 1st prize of 100 spins available everyday.

Jackpot Bells

With the Jackpot Bells promotion, you can bet £20 each day and receive a bonus bet of £5. Simply click the claim now button, stake a minimum of £20 on William Hill casino games and you’ll receive a bonus bet of £5. This promotion runs from November 6th to November 13th 2017, so be sure to take advantage as often as you can through the promotion period. In terms of wagering requirements, please see the William Hill casino site for further details.

American Dad Download Bonus

Who doesn’t love American Dad? Now there’s more reason to love the US television favourite with the American Dad Download Bonus. You can earn a bonus of 150% up to £200 simply by downloading the William Hill casino app and making your first deposit. What’s even better is that this offer is open to customers who have already deposited via the desktop site.

To claim your download bonus, all you need to do is download the William Hill casino app, make your first deposit via the app and receive a bonus of up to £200. So if you deposit £100, you’ll receive a bonus of 150% on top of your £100, giving you a bonus of £150. It’s a great way to begin playing at William Hill casino.

Please be aware that any winnings earned via your bonus will need to be played through x30 before you may withdraw them as cash. Please see the William Hill casino site for full terms and conditions.

Casino Games

Casino games at the William Hill mobile casino are displayed under the following headings: Slots, Table, Card, Jackpot, Live Dealer, Jackpots and New.

Slots include Age Of Egypt, Gem Heat, Jungle Giants, Dirty Dancing, Robocop and dozens more. Select your favourite slot game from the grid displayed.

Table games include a range of roulette games with craps, darts, megaball and many others.

Card games include a variety of blackjack and poker games.



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William Hill Customer Service

As a William Hill customer you can contact the support team using the following methods which are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week: Live Chat, Email, Telephone – Customer Services, Telephone – Betting and Post.

The site also has an extensive FAQ section which is displayed in the following categories:

  • Username and password
  • Cashing out of bets
  • Touch ID
  • Account verification
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • In-play betting
  • Live streaming
  • Bonuses
  • Responsible gambling
  • Settlement of bets

Customers can also provide feedback, both good and bad through the email form. Detailed rules for specific sports and general betting are featured on the William Hill site.


There are many deposit options which include credit and debit cards, e-Wallets such as PayPal, bank transfer and even cheques sent by post. Fewer withdrawal methods are allowed but all the major banking options are included. You have access to a full transaction history showing bet records and profit and loss. The transaction history can be filtered by sport and date range so customers can identify problem areas and results on specific days.

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Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes is part of the Ladbrokes Group that was established in 1886 as a traditional bookmaker in the UK offering credit and debit telephone betting. When betting offices were legalised in the UK in 1961 Ladbrokes became the biggest bookmaker in the world due to the number of retail outlets they opened. At the time of writing a proposed merger with Coral is being discussed but that will mean the disposal of some betting offices to meet competition rules.

The Ladbrokes mobile casino can be read in 18 languages and deposits are allowed in 18 currencies, including the British pound, Euro and US dollar even though players from the United States are not accepted. The Ladbrokes sportsbook has odds for over 34 sports and other markets for financials, politics, entertainment and the weather. Betting margins are above average and customers have access to live betting and live streaming of many events.

Ladbrokes Casino

Mobile Casino App

Ladbrokes promotes the Ladbrokes mobile casino app by emphasising the use of the latest technology that allows them to offer vivid graphics, faster playing and mobile exclusive bonuses. You can start playing casino games after following one of these download procedures:

Scan and play
Scan and download from the App Store – iOS User
Scan and download the app – Android

There are distinct procedures for each product involving searching on different terms in the App store. The following URLs must be entered in the device browser to access the different products:

Sports –
Casino –
Games –
Exchange – or
Bingo –
Lottos –
The Grid –

Ladbrokes mobile products cannot be found on Google Play because gambling related apps have been removed. Unfortunately Google no longer allow gambling apps of any description on Google Play. Here is what they have to say in their content policy “Gambling: We don’t allow content or services that facilitate online gambling, including but not limited to, online casinos, sports betting and lotteries.” That seems a strange decision in view of the popularity of online mobile casinos.

The Ladbrokes casino provides the ultimate gaming experience. The mobile version features classic table games and epic slots with jackpots and huge prizes. The app uses the same red, grey and white colour scheme found on the main site. The Ladbrokes name logo is well-recognised on the High Street and this branding is used on the mobile casino. The graphics on the casino are clean and well optimised to display on mobile devices. Ladbrokes uses the Playtech graphics engine and there are no problems loading the games on the latest mobiles and the older ones.

Mobile Offers

Despite being one of the biggest names in the industry Ladbrokes have fewer promotions than most of the competition. They may feel that they don’t need to compete by giving away free bets and their reputation and standing will attract new customers. As traditional bookmakers they prefer to compete on their odds and rely on good risk management. The industry is becoming more consolidated and when Ladbrokes join forces with Coral there may be fewer free bets due to less competition.

Ladbrokes offers a £30 bonus for new players on their mobile site and this offer is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. New signups only to the mobile site
  2. Minimum deposit of £10 into the games wallet
  3. Play through of £100
  4. Slot games betting
  5. £20 in bonus cash
  6. Second deposit of £10
  7. Play through of £50
  8. £10 in bonus cash

Ladbrokes also offer promotions for returning players who begin to bet after their account had become dormant. Account holders will be notified of these offers by email. Ladbrokes also offers a 100% Welcome Bonus of up to £500 for all new accounts on desktops and mobiles but the following terms and conditions apply:

New customers only. Min deposit £20. Only one deposit bonus on first deposit. Max bet limitations per spin apply (lower of 30% of bonus or €/£50). Wagering requirements are 30x the deposit + bonus amount & 20x amount won with free spins. Free spins on selected games. 18+. T&C’s Apply

Ladbrokes can withdraw this offer if they find evidence of abuse and only one first deposit bonus is allowed for each customer. There is also a 50% up to £500 second deposit bonus which has the same terms and condition as the welcome offer. The first deposit leads to a 100% bonus while the second deposit earns a 50% bonus based on wagering requirements of 20 times the second deposit plus the related bonus. A third deposit bonus of 125% up to £500 applies when the next deposit is made and is subject to the same wagering requirements and minimum and maximum amounts.

Ladbrokes mobile casino users can also benefit form the casino Sunday Market which offers prizes but only each Sunday. These prizes are available for existing customers and are designed to reward loyalty shown by regular players. Bonuses and prizes are on offer just for playing but users must Opt-In on a Sunday but will then be available to choose from a selection of prizes. Free spins are automatically credited to an account but must be used within 72 hours of being received. Customers who download the Ladbrokes casino app can enjoy free offers and bonuses and an outstanding selection of table games and slots.

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The main Ladbrokes site has several offers for new and existing customers that are also valid for mobile users. At the time of writing the following sports offers and promotions appeared on the Ladbrokes desktop site but they also apply for mobile customers:

New Customer Offer – Liverpool v Man Utd
New Ladbrokes mobile customers can back Liverpool at 7/1 and Manchester United at 10/1 to win their match. There are similar offers throughout the season for major fixtures in the English Premier League. The maximum bet is £10, only one bet for each customer is allowed and stakes are returned for losing bets in the form of a free bet. This fixture is being televised live in the UK and Ladbrokes will promote the offer in the racing and national Press and on television.

Horse Racing Best Odds Guaranteed Plus
If you take the price for a win or each way single bet on horse racing in the UK and Ireland and the starting price is bigger bets will be settled at the starting price but that will be boosted further. So if a horse is backed at 3/1 and wins at 7/2 the odds will be boosted to 4/1. This offer applies up to a maximum stake of £200. Ladbrokes also offer best guaranteed on UK and Irish greyhound racing but the better price is not boosted. This offer applies to early prices, board prices, and singles and multiples.

5 Team Acca Insurance
When you place an accumulator bet of five options or more in selected matches in the match result market you will get the stake returned in the form of a free bet if one selection does not win and the maximum refund is £25. This offer is valid for the following countries, leagues and competitions:

England – Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, FA Cup, EFL Cup, EFL Trophy
Scotland – Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two, Scottish FA Cup, Scottish League Cup, selected Challenge Cup
Champions League; Europa League;
French Ligue 1
Spanish Liga BBVA
German Bundesliga
Dutch Eredivisie
Italian Serie A
Selected World Cup 2018 Qualifiers

In the case of more than one multiple that qualifies the bet placed first will count for this refund. Subsequent multiple bets will not count and will be settled as losers if one of the selections does not win.

Edit My Acca
This is a relatively new feature that is available for Ladbrokes desktop and mobile customers. It is possible to remove selections from an active football multiple bet. This is done by removing the outstanding selections and adding new selections to create a new accumulator bet. This offer is available on desktop, mobile and tablet equipment.

The following event specific offers appeared on the site and these will be replicated on a weekly basis but the specific details will be updated to make them current and topical:

  • Aston Villa result rush boost
  • Benteke Wincast boost
  • Costa Wincast boost
  • Vardy Wincast boost
  • Ronaldo boost
  • One quarter the odds price boost at Ascot when the regular terms would be one fifth the odds for five of the six races on the card
  • Plus: several daily price boosts for the main betting sports

More sports bets with Ladbrokes are now placed on mobiles than static computers. Sports specific offers attract mobile customers who then might move into the casino and play slots or table games on a mobile phone or tablet.

Casino Games

Games on the Ladbrokes mobile casino app are displayed under the following headings: roulette, blackjack, slots, table games, card games, jackpots, top 50 games, new games, TV and Movies, video poker and scratchcards. All the main formats of roulette are available in the mobile casino including American and European roulette, a premium version for both types of game and roulette themed around the Marvel comic. In total Ladbrokes provides ten different roulette variations.

The number of slot games is massive and everything that can be played on the standard site is available on mobile. The Ladbrokes live casino allows mobile users to plat a selection of table games in a real-life environment with actual croupiers and dealers. Due to the costs involved in creating a studio live games are limited to roulette, blackjack, Hold ‘Em, baccarat and Hi-Lo. When customers first download the live casino to their mobile they are eligible for a £50 welcome bonus

One of the reasons players like casino games is the potential to win a great amount for a small outlay. Ladbrokes features an excellent range of jackpot slot games based on a wide variety of themes. Jackpot games feature excellent graphics and offer prizes that accumulate during play. Video poker is hugely popular on mobile devices and the Ladbrokes casino includes many versions for beginners and experts. Inexperienced players can learn from tips and guidance during games.

Ladbrokes Casino Top Games

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Customer Service

Ladbrokes in all their guises have been involved in bookmaking for well over 100 years. In that time they have realised the benefits from providing a good customer service. Bettors can be fickle and with so many options dealing with them promptly and effectively can maintain loyalty. When the support team are approached with a question or query they are dealt with quickly which is not always the case with other betting firms. Excellent customer support opens up a wider audience and review sites will highlight strengths and weaknesses. The ethos is to help their customers register, make deposits and begin betting in the casino, sportsbook and on other products.

Ladbrokes can be contacted by phone with separate numbers for UK and overseas customers. There are also dedicated numbers for sport, games and exchange support. Ladbrokes have a Twitter account which means customers and potential customers can send Tweets containing questions and feedback. The site also shows the company’s postal address and an email form can be used to make contact. There is also a dedicated form for media enquiries.

Deposits and withdrawals run quickly and smoothly at Ladbrokes. Transactions take the following amount of time: Bank cards: 3-5 days, PayPal: 6 hours, Skrill: 6 hours, Neteller: 6 hours, Western Union:1-5 days. If you’ve deposited via Ukash, then you can withdraw your winnings but there is a charge for doing so. Deposit limits are flexible. It’s up to you to decide if you want to increase or decrease them. Deposits are usually free and instant and restricted to a minimum of £5 and maximum of just below £100,000. Ladbrokes do not charge any transaction fees.

The maximum winnings are a millions pound on horse racing and football, not more than £500K on tennis and cricket and not more than £250K on snooker. Customers generally must use the same payment method for the withdrawal as a deposit. Odd are displayed in European, British and US format and betting margins are higher than average for football and just about standard across the full range of sports and casino games. Specific limits are applied to the different types of roulette and other card games. The video poker product includes games with a range of stake limits.

Ladbrokes Partners is the affiliate program that pays commission to partners who refer new customers to the online and mobile product. The affiliate program features to-selling products for desktops and mobiles including Sports, Casino, Poker, Slots, Bingo and Financials. Ladbrokes is one of the most established and trusted betting brands in the world so affiliates do not need to sell the company but the new customer offers and range of sports, leagues and markets. Ladbrokes advertise in the racing and national Press and on television in the UK. That means even to those who are not keen gamblers are aware of the brand and reliability.

The Ladbrokes sportsbook and casino is available in over 20 languages. The company is household name in many countries and is known for presenting high-quality sites and mobile apps, including for the mobile casino. Ladbrokes offers a diverse range of products in regulated markets. The company was founded in the UK where the headquarters are still located but there has been expansion in other countries, especially since the growth of internet betting. All the products are supported by expert retention teams and a multilingual, 24/7 customer service department. Affiliates can select the market or product of interest and then contact Ladbrokes to discuss and apply effective cross-promotional ideas to maximize returns.

The Ladbrokes Partners team are committed to helping affiliates achieve the best results possible rewarded by straightforward and simple competitive commission plans. Each partner can select the plan that is most suitable and then talk to a multi-lingual account manager to create a custom-tailored plan.

The following commission structures are open to affiliate partners:

Revenue Share – Partners earn a share of the net revenue generated over the lifetime of their referrals.

CPA – One-time payment for every depositing player referred. .

Hybrid – Combination of both CPA and Revenue Share for a commission plan designed to meet individual needs.

Sub-Affiliates – Earnings of 2% of sub-affiliates net gaming revenue every time they acquire new players.

Ladbrokes have developed an excellent mobile casino app and product. The quality of the graphics and range of slots and table games provide affiliates with a good framework to earn good rates of commission and revenue. Mobile casino betting looks like continuing to grow and Ladbrokes is in a good position to take advantage but face stiff compete in this area from LeoVegas and William Hill.

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Concluding Comments

Advertising laws changed in the UK in 2005 which meant gambling sites could advertise on commercial television. However, the current government in 2016 is considering banning gambling advert before the 9pm watershed which is seen as the time before which minors will be viewing. Responsible gambling is now seen as important by gambling companies and mobile casino betting can cause problems. The addictive nature of the games and the fact gambling can be done in private makes some people vulnerable. Most mobile casino gamblers do so responsibly and within their financial limits and the industry is regulated and controlled. The mobile casino experience is being enjoyed by more people all the time and there are some excellent choices in terms of the sites where they can play.

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